Details Matter

Attention to Detail Matters.

Many of you who know me, know that I am passionate about two things: timing and details. Deadlines, due dates, enrollment periods, exceptions, eligibility, etc.—so much of our peace of mind and financial well-being depends on doing things on time and understanding all the fine points.

When working with a client not long ago, it was a matter of hours, literally, and my knowledge of a little-known loophole, that made the difference between costly, inadequate health insurance and affordable, comprehensive coverage.

Before we met, he had experienced a frustrating odyssey involving his medical insurance that was triggered by a COVID-19-related job loss back in October.

I will spare you the details because you would almost need an illustrated timeline to keep track of everything that happened. Suffice it to say that it involved COBRA, Medicare, the 63-day rule (twice), April 1, and the American Rescue Plan.

In the end, we were able to take advantage of one of the many intricate, granular rules of the American Rescue Plan to get him signed up for a better Medicare Medigap Plan. We did it with just one day to spare and because I happened to know about a loophole, thanks to the excellent e-newsletters published by the Arkansas Insurance Commissioner that I read religiously.

Medicare and COBRA matters are complex, all the more so because many of the rules changed April 1. If you or your clients don’t know them, you may be missing opportunities to save money, receive better benefits or obtain more comprehensive coverage.

For example, did you know that workers who lose their jobs because of COVID-19 qualify to have their COBRA premiums paid in full by their former employer? This new provision makes an enormous difference to a person’s financial situation. 

As you can tell, timing and details are my passion, so please always feel welcome to reach out and request assistance to achieve the best outcomes for your clients. Thank you for your trust and confidence. 

“I trust Dustin completely with my clients, family, and friends because he’s never let me down.” Brooks B Little Rock AR. 

Who do you know that is not happy with their health care costs? It is probably not too late to save money. Have a wonderful day, Dustin