When less is more

You have heard this tale of woe before: Long marriage, traditional roles, he handles all the money. Then he passes away unexpectedly, leaving the widow overwhelmed, unprepared and deeply frightened by the financial responsibilities she now must handle.

Fortunately, this one tale has a happy ending.

“Sally” was fortunate. She knew and trusted the couple’s financial advisor and had over the years participated in occasional meetings when he advised her late husband about their investments.

So, money matters weren’t entirely foreign to her.

But even so, she could not make sense of this particular health insurance plan and the $600 monthly premiums. Nor could her advisor. That’s when they called Dustin. Could I look over the policies?

Chad C says, “Dustin has been an invaluable resource for my clients as well as some of my own family members.”

It turns out Sally’s husband, a military veteran, had purchased and been paying for a completely UNNECESSARY private health insurance plan for himself and his wife. They were both already covered by TRICARE, the health care program for career (20 plus years) service members, retirees, and their spouses.

Was Sally’s husband duped into buying the additional policy or had he been overprotective? We’ll never know. And due to HIPPA privacy laws, insurance companies are prohibited from telling their clients about their possible duplication of insurance plans.

Sally canceled the unnecessary policies, saving her more than $600 a month. Emboldened by her newfound knowledge and confidence in her decision-making abilities, she’s now working closely with her advisor to budget and invest her assets.

If you are stumped by your clients’ health insurance questions, please call me. Together, we can make a positive difference. 

Who do you know that might be overpaying for health insurance?

Who are your Veteran clients on Medicare that need to know ALL their options?

Who are your clients turning 65 this year?

P.S. I can also help your Under 65 Clients. 

Do Well, While Doing Good, Dustin